Gayatri Institute of Technical Training National Institute Of Open Schooling

(National Institute of Open Schooling)

Introduction to NIOS

NIOS is a national level Board similiar to CBSE and CISCE. It is an organization which conducts examinations at open educational institutes and provides certificates.

NIOS was established in the year 1989 in the form of Open School Project which was started by CBSE in the year 1979. It was established by the Human Resources Development Ministry in the form of deemed institute. Till the year 2002 it used to be called National Open University.

By the use of Distance and Open Education methods NIOS provides the educational opportunities to the persons who are interested in getting educated for their bright future. Mission of NIOS is to educate everyone and specially it's priority is to educate Girls and Ladies, villages's Youth, working People, SC/STs, Disabled and other Categories who are deprived of various facilities.

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More about NIOS

Procedure of NIOS

NIOS works in an organized and large network whose branches are spread in India, Nepal and Middle East with it's 15...

Major Specialities

There is no age limit. Facility has been provided to choose the medium. Flexibility in choosing the subjects...

Courses to Study

NIOS imparts the under graduate standard education to those persons who failed to complete their education via...